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3/16 Pass-Through Shock Mount (10PK)

3/16 Pass-Through Shock Mount (10PK)

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3/16 Pass-Through Shock Mount (10 Pack)

- M3 Tap Ready

-3/16" Pass-Through 

The Rc Fab Tabs 3/16 Pass-Through Shock mount is a great option when attaching a shock to a crossbar in a chassis. The 3/16" pass-through hole allows for tube or rod to pass through and easily be welded or brazed. The mounting hole is M3 Tap Read or can be drilled out to an M3 pass through. This low profile design makes the mounting of shocks Neat and Clean. The convenient 10 pack makes sure you will always have some on hand. 

Made from high-quality 14g cold-rolled, USA made steel. Each RC Fabs Tabs product is raw steel and will require some type of paint or powder coat to stop from rusting.