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Light Bar Tab (10 PK)

Light Bar Tab (10 PK)

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Light Bar Tabs (10 Pack)

-Foward swept design for light bar clearance 

-M3 Tap Ready

- Drill for 3mm Pass through

-Notched for weld penetration


The RC Fab Tabs Light Bar Tabs are the scale answer to mounting a light bar to your RC. Featuring an M3 tap ready mounting hole for easy assembly, the notched Lightbar tab easily welds to existing structure. The forward-swept design makes clearance, not an issue, allowing the light bar to extend past the windshield when mounted to the top of the chassis. 

Made from high-quality 14 Gauge, Cold rolled USA  steel. Each RC Fabs Tabs product is raw steel and will require some type of paint or powder coat to stop from rusting.